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Greater Thetford Development Partnership (GTDP)

The Greater Thetford Development Partnership has been set up by Breckland District Council as an advisory body to oversee the Thetford Sustainable Urban Extension (also known as Kingsfleet) and other developments in the Town. The Partnership is, as least in part, a replacement for the former Moving Thetford Forward, which has now been dissolved. Despite this new body having no formal powers, it is likely to have a lot of influence over the direction of the upcoming developments in Thetford.

It is therefore rather disappointing that few local organisations are directly represented on the Board, and initially Breckland Council planned to exclude the press and public from the meetings. The latter was quickly reversed, but there are still issues with transparency, as meetings are not always well advertised, and minutes and papers are not always published in a timely fashion. This website is an attempt to make the workings of the Partnership more transparent to the local residents it should be serving.

Originally, the Board comprised an independent Chair, elected representatives from the various tiers of local government, council officers, representatives of other stakeholders (health, education, social housing) and the Chairs of the three Sub-Groups. This was changed at the of 2017, to just comprise the elected councillors and the Chairs of the three Sub-Groups. Two of these Sub-Groups were disbanded in early 2018, so now only the Chair of the Community Sub-Group remains. In June 2018, the makeup was again adjusted so that each council would have two representatives on the Board. The Chair of the Community Sub-Group was reduced to a non-voting member.

Full Terms of Reference of the GTDP Board (awaiting new version)

Board Members

Representative Name Position Email Twitter
Norfolk County Council Roy Brame Elected Councillor for Thetford East roy.brame.cllr@(nospam)
Breckland District Council Sam Chapman-Allen Elected Councillor for Forest Ward, Deputy Leader,
and Executive Member for Strategy, Governance & Transformation
Thetford Town Council Jane James Elected Councillor for Castle Ward cllrjanejames@(nospam) @janeliljames
Croxton Parish Council Robert King Elected Councillor & Chair croxtonparish@(nospam)
Brettenham & Kilverstone Parish Council Tony Poulter Elected Councillor & Chair mail@(nospam)
Community Sub-Group Robert Whittaker Sub-Group Chair rjw-gtdp@(nospam) @rjw62

Sub Groups

Originally there were three Sub-Groups "Planning & Projects", "Inward Investment", and "Community". But the first two of these were disbanded in favour of a single "Officer Group".

Meetings, agendas, papers and minutes

The Board initially decided to hold its meetings behind closed doors and only publish its minutes once they had been approved at the following meeting. This would prevent public scrutiny and meaningful input into the Board's business. Following pressure from myself and some Board members, the board had a change of heart at its second meeting, and resolved to operate in a more transparent manner.

Agendas, minutes and papers for the Board meetings should be available from the Breckland Committee Page for the GTDP. Things are getting better now, but the documents are still not always uploaded there promptly.

16th February 2018 (10am–12am, Charles Burrell Centre)

15th December 2017 (10am–12am, Church on the Way, Grenville Way)

13th October 2017 (10am–12am, Charles Burrell Centre)

15th September (10am–12am, Charles Burrell Centre)

16th June 2017 (10am–12am Church on the Way, Grenville Way)

21 April 2017 (10am–11am Private Session; 11am–12pm Public Session; Charles Burrell Centre, Staniforth Road, Thetford)

17 February 2017 (Public Forum 10am–11am; Board meeting 11:30am–1:30pm)

16 December 2016 (private workshop)

21 October 2016 (10am–12pm, Bell Hotel, Thetford)

19 August 2016 (10am–12pm, Charles Burrell Centre)

24 June 2016 (open forum 10:00–11:00, main meeting 11:30–13:30; Kings House)

14 April 2016 (10am - 12pm, The Bell Hotel)

15th February 2016 (10am)

2nd December 2015 (2:30pm, Carnegie Rooms, Thetford)

2nd October 2015

3rd August 2015

Terms of Reference

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