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About this Site

I have set up this website as a source of public information and to encourage local residents to take an interest in their town. The site is still in development and content is still being added.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or you you spot any mistakes in any of the information on the site, please get in touch. You can email onethetford@(nospam) or tweet @OneThetford.

Robert Whittaker
September 2018


Interactive Mapping Displays
The interactive mapping displays have been created using the Leaflet JavaScript library, extended with PolylineOffset.js (so the borders for areas are plotted within the area) and awesome-markers.js (for the coloured point markers).
The icons on the pine-style markers are from the free Font Awesome collection.
Base Maps
The base maps throughout this site are generated from data curated by volunteers for the OpenStreetMap project. Map data © OpenStreetMap Contributors, ODbL. Base map tiles © OpenStreetMap, CC-By-SA.
Points and Areas of Interest Data
The marker locations and area extents on the maps and the details in the popups largely comes from OpenStreetMap, either by direct querying or by tracing from the base map. This data is © OpenStreetMap Contributors, ODbL.
Boundary Data
The Forestry Commission provides an open dataset containing the National Forest Estate Legal Boundary.
The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has provided the boundary data for the Parish Wards in Thetford via an FOI request.
Other administrative boundaries are provided by Ordnance Survey in their BoundaryLine dataset.
Website Software and Hosting
This site is run on a GNU/Linux system, using the Apache web server.
Hosting is provided by Mythic Beasts.