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Thetford Bus Interchange Relocation

Thetford Bus Interchange was relocated to its current site between Minstergate and St Nicholas Street in a controversial £3.8M project, which was completed in 2015. The former Cosy Carpets building alongside St Nicholas Street was compulsorily purchased in 2013. It was renovated by Norfolk County Council at the public expense, but never put to any use. The compulsory purchase order was appealed by the former owner, and in 2020 Norfolk County Council settled out of court, returning the ownership of the building to him. The former site by the river on Bridge Street was used for the Thetford Riverside Development.

Objections to Re-Location and Local Referendum

A non-binding local referendum was called and held on Tuesday 9th August 2011. Turnout was relatively low at 14%, but of the 2300 people who took part, 1,921 or 83.5% voted aginst the bus station move. Despite the result, the District and County councils decided to go ahead with the move, claiming the low turnout was a sign that most people did not feel strongly about the plans.

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