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Thetford Enterprise Park (TEP) Roundabout

The farmland between the existing Brunel Way Industrial Estate and the A11 has been allocated as the site for a new "Enterprise Park". Access to the site will be via a new roundabout on Mundford Road at the junction with Wyatt Way. The construction of the roundabout was carried out by Norfolk County Council and its contractors, between September 2018 and January 2019.

The original estimate for the cost of the roundabout was over £2M. But according to Norfolk County Council, the actual costs was around £1.5M. Funding secured for the project included £1.8M from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and £450k awarded from Norfolk County Council's Pooled Business Rates. £498k of residual Moving Thetford Forward money was also allocated to the TEP, but it is unclear where this has been / will be spent. Final cost estimates supplied by Breckland District Council in November 2018 are as follows:

Planning costs and Land negotiations£ 15,000
Surveys, Detailed design, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and Environmental£ 85,000
Utility Diversions (e.g. gas, electricity and telecoms)£ 280,000
Streetlighting£ 40,000
Main Construction£ 1,080,000
Total£ 1,500,000

The LEP funding was controversially re-allocated from its original purpose to fund Sustainable Transport measures in Thetford. It was previously promised that any excess funding not needed for the roundabout should be returned to this use. This is estimated to be around £750k. However, it now appears that Breckland Council is intending to return the whole of the Pooled Business Rates contribution of £450, leaving only £300k of the LEP money for Sustainable Transport projects. Breckland Council could instead have chosen to spend up to £337k of the Business Rates funding on the roundabout. (A condition of this funding was that it could not contribute more than 22.5% of the total roundabout project cost.) This would have freed up more of the LEP money for its original purpose, and maximised the investment in Thetford.