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King Street and King Street Square Redevelopment

King Street Square is the area outside Boots on the main pedestrianised shopping street in the centre of Thetford. It was re-developed in 2012 at a cost of around £600k, with the funding coming from Moving Thetford Forward. The re-development included a new clock, a water feature, benches and a performance area. The project was managed by Norfolk County Council on behalf of Thetford Town Council. Various issues have been encountered with the features over the last four years, some of which remain unresolved. Following the completion of the works, responsibility for the Square rests mainly with the Town Council, though the area is also a Public Highway so some duties also fall to Norfolk County Council.

Two of the main features in the original plans (an etched map and screening panels) had to be dropped because the project would have gone over budget. Two of the remaining features (the water feature and the clock) are no longer working, and it is arguable whether they were ever fit for purpose. Read more about the background in the GTDP Community Sub-Group's Briefing Paper on King Street Square from November 2016.

King Street Square, taken in May 2020.

It is unclear exactly why no-one has been held responsible for the failings of the scheme, nor why the issues were not resolved by going back to the suppliers and installers. There also appears to be a reluctance on the part of the Town Council to find out exactly why the clock is not working. Despite a statement by the Deputy Mayor (Cllr Roy Brame) in March 2018 stating that the clock could not be repaired, it was later confirmed that the Town Council did not know whether or not a repair was possible or how much it might cost (source).

2020 Developments

In August 2020, the broken clock was face was removed from the archway. A mural design featuring Thetford buildings was put up in its place in November 2020. At the same time, flower new troughs were placed over the broken water feature.