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Thirty for Thetford

"Thirty for Thetford" was a campaign to reduce the speed limit on various roads in the town to at most 30mph. At the time, many of the major roads had a 40mph speed limit. The proposal was pushed by the Safer Thetford Action Group, and gained support from the two Norfolk County Councillors for the town (Jane James and Terry Jermy).

Norfolk County Council agreed to implement these speed limits, with funding from the two Thetford County Councillors' annual Highways Budgets. However, when the draft Thetford (Various Roads) 30mph Speed Limit Order 2021 was published for consultation in September 2021, an objection was received. As a result the Council modified the plans slightly, removing the northern part of Mundford Road from the proposed changed. The revised order was made, and the speed limits changed in February 2023.

A Map showing the roads on which the speed limit was reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

Norfolk County Council was criticised for failing to advertise the changes when the new speed limits were introduced. Many drivers were unaware of the changes, since the signs where the speed limit used to change from 30mph to 40mph when heading out of town had simply been removed.