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Thetford's Forgotten Garden

Thetford's Forgotten Garden is a small walled garden within the grounds of Ford Place, near Nuns' Bridges. It is not currently open to the public.

The garden came into existence in its current form around 1999, when the owners of Ford Place were looking to build sheltered housing on the site. Realising the significance of the former garden, they agreed to allow a community group to take on and manage the area.

In 2013, with volunteer numbers falling, the Forgotten Garden Group decided to disband and hand over the garden to St Christopher's Primary School, Red Lodge, who were looking for an area to use as an outdoor classroom. At the same time, Ford Place's then owners Barchester Healthcare, agreed to help fund a gardener to look after the garden and keep it open to the public.

It is not clear how long this arrangement lasted, but by 2017, when Stow Healthcare took over Ford Place, the garden was not being looked after. Following some incidents involving the public's use of the garden, the decision was taken not to leave the gate unlocked. As of May 2019, members of the public were still welcome to visit the garden and could request access from staff at Ford Place.

However, the garden was closed when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in early 2020, and has not been re-opened since.