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Listed Buildings in Thetford

Buildings of particular historical significance or architectural merit are designated by Historic England in the National Heritage List for England. Being listed gives a building a certain degree of protection from demolition and alteration — special permission needs to be obtained for any such work to be carried out.

There are three categories of listing, which afford different levels of protection:

The map below shows all the Grade I and II* listed buildings in Thetford, along with many of the Grade II buildings.

Grade I Listed Buildings

BuildingRegister Entry
ZM Abbey Farm Cottage1207935
ZM Farm Building to West of Abbey Farm Cottage1297897
ZM Remains of Dominican Church 1207496
ZMAncient House Museum of Thetford Life 1297789
ZMBritish Trust for Ornithology 1207997
ZMChurch of the Holy Sepulchre 1195947
ZMPriory Gatehouse 1195946
ZMThetford Priory 1297875

Grade II* Listed Buildings

BuildingRegister Entry
ZM 3-4 Market Place 1207841
ZM 3-5 Castle Street 1207558
ZM Remains of St George's Nunnery 1195915
ZMFulmerston's Almshouses 1279468
ZMSaint Andrew's Church 1208728
ZMSaint Cuthbert's Church 1207726
ZMSaint Mary the Less 1297899
ZMSaint Mary's Catholic Church 1207963
ZMSaint Peter's Church 1219326
ZMThe Bell Inn 1195935
ZMThetford Warren Lodge 1297876