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Mill Island

Mill Island in Thetford is located south of Butten Island, and is bounded by the Rivers Little Ouse and a mill bypass for the River Thet. Most of the island is public open space, which is owned and maintained by Breckland District Council. A public footpath runs along the eastern edge, which links Spring Walk to Bridges Walk.

Mill Island, March 2019.

Possible Sell-Off

In August 2019 it was reported that a resident of St Audrey's to the West of the Island had approached Breckland Council with a view to purchasing some of the current open space. Residents were reported as being upset by anti-social behaviour there, which was not being effectively tackled by the authorities, despite it falling within the PSPO area. Any sale of land would have to retain access along the public footpath, but could lead to the rest of the land being fences off. Views about the possible sell-off on Thetford Forum were mixed.