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Sir Frederick's Wood, Thetford

Sir Frederick's Wood is an area of public woodland in the the middle of the Woodlands housing estate off Croxton Road in Thetford. The wood is owned by Thetford Town Council.

The wood is open to the public for general use. There are numerous informal paths through the wood, though non of these are officially recorded as Highways or Public Rights of Way.

The main path through Sir Frederick's Wood, July 2020.

Consultation and Management Plan (2019)

In late 2018 / early 2020 Thetford Town Council commissioned a wildlife and woodland management plan for Frederick's wood. (This was approved, at a cost of £750, by the Amenities Land & Property Committee on 5th Setember 2018.). The Council also ran a consultation on the future plans for the wood, though it appears only those living near the wood were asked for their views.