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Thetford Town Council

Thetford Town Council is a parish-level council, which is responsible for various amenities and services within the Civil Parish of Thetford.

In particular, Thetford Town Council looks after various public toilets, the cemetery, the allotments, Castle Park, three commons, Sir Frederick's Wood, and most of the children's playgrounds. It also owns and manages the the Guildhall and Carnegie Rooms Complex, and is responsible for siting (though not emptying) litter and dog waste bins.

The council is run by 16 councillors, who are elected every four years by the residents of the 6 parish wards:

Decisions are made at council meetings. The Full Council meets monthly in the Council Chamber at Kings House, and most of each meeting is open to the Public. There is also time allocated for public questions at the start of each meeting.

The Council has a number of committees, each dedicated to a different area of the Council's responsibility. These committees have some delegated powers to make decisions, and on other matters make recommendations for the Full Council to approve. The Committees are as follows:

The Council employs a number of staff, led by the Town Clerk Tina Cunnell.

Since the Town Council's annual income exceeds £200k, the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 requires the Council to publish quarterly details of all items of expenditure over £500 and all contracts over £5000. These published datasets can be found on the Town Council's Transparency Code Documents index page.