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Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council is a first-tier local authority, which is responsible for various amenities and services within the County of Norfolk.

In particular, Norfolk County Council is responsible for road and footpaths, schools and children's services, libraries, recycling centres and waste disposal (though not kerb-side collections), and adult social care.

The council is run by 84 councillors, who are each elected by the residents of a different Division of the county. Thetford is covered by two Divisions.

Decisions are made at council meetings. The Council currently operates a Committee System, where recommendations for each department are made by a group of councillors for approval by the full council. Meetings are held at County Hall in Norwich and are generally open to the public.

Under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, the council is required to publish quarterly details of all items of expenditure over £500 and all contracts over £5000. These published datasets can be found on the Norfolk OpenData page.