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Thetford Councils

The town of Thetford lies within a county that uses a three-tier system of local government. This means that residents elect councillors to three different councils, each of which has responsibility for the provision of different services.

Parish / Town Level

The majority of the town of Thetford, along with some of the surrounding countryside, forms the Parish of Thetford, whose parish-level council is Thetford Town Council. Two set of houses on the edge of the town actually lie in neighbouring parishes, which have their own parish councils. Arlington Way (on the east edge of Thetford) lies in the parish of Kilverstone. Hill House Lane and Heathlands Drive (on the north edge of Thetford) lies in Croxton Parish.

Responsibilities of parish-level councils vary, but amongst other things, Thetford Town Council looks after the various public toilets in the town, the cemetery, the allotments, the Guildhall and Carnegie Rooms Complex, the various commons, siting (though not emptying) litter and dog waste bins, Castle Park, and most of the children's playgrounds.

District Level

Thetford lines within the district of Breckland, which has a district-level council.

Amongst other things, district-level councils are responsible for planning permission, licensing matters, household refuse/recycling collections, fly-tipping, street littering and dog fouling, dealing with noise and nuisance complaints.

County Level

Thetford lines within the county of Norfolk, which has a county-level council.

Amongst other things, county-level councils are responsible for highways, potholes, education, fire and rescue services, and adult social care.