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Arlington Way to Nuns' Bridges Riverside Path

The Riverside Path from Nuns' Bridges to Alrington Way is a permissive route that runs through part of the Nunnery Lakes Nature Reserve (owned by the BTO) and Ford Meadow (owned by Thetford Town Council). The path was upgraded to be wheelchair accessible in 2016, in a joint project between Brettenham & Kilverstone Parish Council and Thetford Town Council. The works cost £30,000, with Moving Thetford Forward contributing £20,000 and the two councils putting in £5,000 each.

The riverside path at Ford Meadow, taken in May 2020.

There was controversy in Spring 2017 when Thetford Town Council erected kissing gates across the path at Ford Meadow, which were not fully accessible. These were removed a few months later following complaints. The perimeter fencing was adjusted to create two separte compartments, with the path running unobstructed between them.