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London Road Cycle Path

The London Road Cycle Path is a proposal to provide an traffic-free cycle path linking the existing cycle path opposite the cemetery to the A11 Cycleway that starts by the Sainsbury's Roundabout. This could be achieved by widening the existing pavement on one side of the road and upgrading it to a shared-use foot/cycleway. The route would provide safer journeys for commuters, shoppers, and recreational users.

Existing connecting cycle paths and quiet-road routes are shown in grey. The section that has been provided by the Breckland Retail Park development is shown in green. The remaining sections to be provided are shown in blue.

The route between the Sainsbury's Roundabout and Saint Martin's Way is part of the Thetford Loops proposals. It was one of the four priority projects proposed by the GTDP Community Sub-Group's 2018 Cycling and Walking Report. The route was prioritised in the 2020 Thetford Transport Network Improvement Strategy.

A short section of the route between Caxton Way and the eastern end of the Forest Retail Park is being provided as part of the Breckland Retail Park development. However, there are no firm plans as yet for the rest of the route to be realised.