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Thetford Town Council Elections May 2019

All the seats on Thetford Town Council were up for election on Thursday 2nd May 2019, and new councillors were elected for a four-year term. Thetford is divided into six parish wards (see map below), which each elect between one and four councillors. Residents get to vote for the same number of candidates as there are positions available in their ward. The candidates and results for each parish ward were as follows. Where candidate statements have been provided, they can be found by following the link on the candidate's name. Where the number of candidates in a ward was less than or equal to the positions available, they were elected automatically without an election taking place.

Anne Bartholomew Parish Ward

First candidate elected from:

Jenny Hollis96
(Independent) TE

Stuart Terry79
(Labour) T

Boudica Parish Ward

Elected unopposed to the 3 positions:

Mark Steven Robinson
(Conservative) TETT

Dave Hodgkinson

Burrell Parish Ward

First 4 candidates elected from:

Terry Jermy558
(Labour) TETWT

Chris Harvey426
(Labour) TET

Carla Barreto343
(Independent) TETT

Dennis Crawford330

Vic Peters308
(Labour) T

Jason Allan Smith278
(Conservative) TE

Castle Parish Ward

First 4 candidates elected from:

Stuart Wright517
(Independent) TET

Janice Sandra Butler450
(Independent) T

Roy Brame390
(Conservative) TE

Jane Lillian James357
(Conservative) TETT

David Curzon-Berners314

Priory Parish Ward

First 3 candidates elected from:

Mike Brindle388
(Labour) TE

Brenda Canham385
(Independent) TET

Mark Petrie Taylor361

Susan Dowling317
(Labour) T

Toby Stokes276
(Labour) T

Vicarage Road Parish Ward

Elected unopposed to the 1 position:

Colin Burnett
(Conservative) TE

Map of Parish Wards for Thetford

Note that the wards used for the District Council elections taking place on the same day are slightly different, even though many share the same names.