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Thetford Elections

Official elections take place for councillors, Members of Parliament and some other public officials every few years. Local and national referendums are also occaisionally held. The local organisation of such votes in Thetford is the responsiblity of Breckland District Council, and is overseen by an official known as a Returning Officer.

European Parliament Elections 23rd May 2019

European Parliament Elections
The Eastern Region of the UK will elect seven MEPs from party lists on Thursday 23rd May 2018.

For these elections, the UK is divided into 12 regions. Each region elects a number of MEPs using a form of proportional representation. In England, Wales and Scotland, the D'Hont method is used. In Northern Ireland Single Transferable Voting is used. Thetford lies in the Easter Region, which has seven seats.

Local Government Elections 2nd May 2019

Breckland District Council Election
All the seats on Breckland District Council will be up for election on Thursday 2nd May 2019.
Thetford Town Council Election
All the seats on Thetford Town Council will be up for election on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

For the purposes of these elections, Thetford is divided into different areas known as wards, with one or more councillors elected from each ward. Slightly different wards are used for the District and Town council elections.

Residents who are 18 or over on the election day, and are British, Irish, Commonwealth or EU citizen are eligible to vote. If you have recently moved, you may need to register. This needs to be done by 12th April, and can be done online: Register to Vote. Each voter is assigned a local polling station at which to vote. Voters are sent a polling card in advance of each election, which lists their polling station. You do not need the card to vote, and your polling station can be found by entering your postcode at Where do I Vote?.