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Norfolk County Council Elections May 2021

All the seats on Norfolk County Council will be up for election on Thursday 6th May 2021, and the new councillors were be elected for a four-year term. Thetford is divided into two divisions, with two others covering the surrounding parishes (see map below). Each of these divisions elects a single county councillor, and residents get to vote for their preferred candidate.

Voting will take place in polling stations between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 6th May. Find your polling station on Where Do I Vote. At the same time, elections to Thetford Town Council will also take place.


The candidates for each Thetford ward are as follows. Where candidate statements have been provided, they can be found by following the link on the candidate's name.

Guiltcross Division

1 to be elected from these candidates:

Fabian Eagle (Conservative) TETT

Evie-May Ellis (Liberal Democrat)

Anne Rix (Green) W

Stuart Terry (Labour) TETW

The Brecks Division

1 to be elected from these candidates:

Stephen Askew (Conservative) T

Michael Brindle (Labour) TEW

Beverley Bulmer (Liberal Democrat) W

Thetford East Division

1 to be elected from these candidates:

Jamie Cash (Liberal Democrat) W

Dennis Crawford (UKIP) TET

Jane James (Conservative) TETT

Dowling Susan (Labour) EWT

Thetford West Division

1 to be elected from these candidates:

Martin Callam (Liberal Democrat) TE

Terry Jermy (Labour) TETWT

Barbara Tullett (Conservative) T

Philip Wagstaff (Independent) ET

If any candidates would like to send a 1 or 2 page PDF file containing an election statement (or a link to one that's online already), it can be linked from their name above. Please contact the webmaster with your statement. Additional contact details (telephone, email, facebook, twitter, website) can also be added on request.

Map of County Divisions in and around Thetford