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Registered Common Land in Thetford

There are five Commons in the Parish of Thetford, which are areas of land that appear in Norfolk County Council's Register of Common Land. These are as follows:

Contrary to popular belief, Commons are not owned by the public, but have a specific legal owner, which is often (though not always) a local council. The three Commons in the town of Thetford (Barnham Cross, Melford, and School Plane) are owned by Thetford Town Council, while the two along the River Little Ouse (Broadwater and Two Mile Bottom) are owned by The Crown Estate.

Each Common may have a number of Registered Commonners, who have various rights to use the land, e.g. for grazing animals or harvesting hay. In the absense of any Commonners, these rights rest with the owner of the land. There are no Registered Commonners for any of the Thetford Commons.

The public does have a general right of access to Common Land, on foot and on horseback. However, riding rights have been removed from the Thetford Commons by a byelaw.

The owners of Common Land are restricted in how the land can be used and need to obtain specific permission for most types of works and alterations.