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Melford Common

Melford Common is an area of Registered Common Land (CL74) in Thetford, which lies to the north of Melford Bridge Road and Castle Street. The land is almost all a maintained grass area, which is often used for recreational activities and outdoor events. The land is owned by Thetford Town Council.

There are no registered commoners for the common, so no-one apart from the land owner has any rights of pasture, haymaking etc. The general public does have the right to access the land on foot though, as the common is designated as Access Land.

Melford Common, October 2010.

Vehicle Defences & Tree Planting (2019–2020)

In September 2018, Thetford Town Council applied for consent to erect a row of wooden posts around the common to prevent vehicular access. (Such consent is required for various types of resrticted works on Registered Common Land.) Consent was granted (with some modifications to the original proposals, in August 2019.

However, the Town Council has, so far, not to erected any posts, instead chosing to plant trees around the edges of the common in order to achieve the same effect.