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Thetford Area Action Plan (TAAP)

The Thetford Area Action Plan (TAAP) is a formal planning document produced and adopted by Breckland District Council in 2012. It contains the blueprint for Thetford's Sustainable Urban Expansion (the Kingsfleet development) and a number of planning policies that should govern developments within the town.

The TAAP will shortly be superseded by the Breckland Local Plan when it is formally adopted, but a number of the policies in the TAAP have been 'saved' by being incorporated into the new plan The TAAP policies that are proposed to be 'saved' in the Local Plan are:

TH 4: Transport — Achieving Modal Shift
TH 5: The Impact of Change on Pedestrians, Cyclists and Buses
TH 6: Thetford Bus Interchange
TH 7: Thetford Railway Station
TH 9: Monitoring and management of Key Biodiversity Sites
TH 11: Joe Blunt's Lane
TH 12: The Thetford Loops
TH 18: Archaeology Action Plan
TH 20: Thetford Urban Extension Strategic Design Principles
TH 21: Locally Distinctive Features of the Landscape
TH 22: Gallows Hill Scheduled Monument
TH 23: Existing Buildings in the Thetford Urban Extension
TH 25: Walking and Cycling
TH 26: Buses
TH 27: A New Railway Station in the Urban Extension
TH 28: Changes to the A11 Trunk Road
TH 29: Improvements to the Local Road Network
TH 30: New Employment Land
TH 31: New Local Centre(s) in the Urban Extension
TH 32: Connecting to a Decentralised Energy Supply
TH 34: New Health Facility in the Urban Extension
TH 35: Community Buildings
TH 37: Regeneration Proposals in Existing Residential Areas