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Thetford Area Action Plan (TAAP)

The Thetford Area Action Plan (TAAP) is a formal planning document produced and adopted by Breckland District Council in 2012. It contains the blueprint for Thetford's Sustainable Urban Expansion (the Kingsfleet development) and a number of planning policies that should govern developments within the town.

Despite the TAAP being a formal planning policy document, Breckland District Council (as the planning authority) has not been very effective at ensuring a number of these policies were delivered. As a result several local enhacements and facilities have not been provided as they should have been.

The TAAP as a whole has now been superseded by the Breckland Local Plan, but a number of the policies in the TAAP have been 'saved' by being incorporated into the new plan. These saved policies that are:

TH 4: Transport — Achieving Modal Shift
TH 5: The Impact of Change on Pedestrians, Cyclists and Buses
TH 6: Thetford Bus Interchange
TH 7: Thetford Railway Station
TH 9: Monitoring and management of Key Biodiversity Sites
TH 11: Joe Blunt's Lane
TH 12: The Thetford Loops
TH 18: Archaeology Action Plan
TH 20: Thetford Urban Extension Strategic Design Principles
TH 21: Locally Distinctive Features of the Landscape
TH 22: Gallows Hill Scheduled Monument
TH 23: Existing Buildings in the Thetford Urban Extension
TH 25: Walking and Cycling
TH 26: Buses
TH 27: A New Railway Station in the Urban Extension
TH 28: Changes to the A11 Trunk Road
TH 29: Improvements to the Local Road Network
TH 30: New Employment Land
TH 31: New Local Centre(s) in the Urban Extension
TH 32: Connecting to a Decentralised Energy Supply
TH 34: New Health Facility in the Urban Extension
TH 35: Community Buildings
TH 37: Regeneration Proposals in Existing Residential Areas