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Greater Thetford Partnership (GTP)

The Greater Thetford Partnership was set up by Breckland District Council in 2015 as an advisory body to oversee the Thetford Sustainable Urban Extension (also known as Kingsfleet) and other developments in the Town.

The GTP Board meets roughly every two months. It comprises elected councillors from three levels of councils across the Greater Thetford area. The board works with the Greater Thetford Partnership Manager (a full-timepaid position, funded jointly by the local councils) to promote their vision for Thetford.

When it was orignally set up, the GTP was known as the Greater Thetford Development Partnership (GTDP), and its structure was quite different. There were originally three sub-groups (Community, Projects & Planning, and Inward Investment) and and a much wider range of different organisations represented on the Board (including the Community, Businesses and the Police). A significant re-organisation tool place in October 2017, with the Board membership reduced to jsut the elected councillors and Sub-Group Chairs. Later the Projects & Planning, and Inward Investment Sub-Groups were merged to form the Officer Sub-Group, the number of councillors was doubled and voting rights on the Board were restricted to councillors. Further changes took place in 2019, when the Community Sub-Group was abolished and Board meetings reverted to being held in private.

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