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Thetford Town Council Wards and Councillors

In the parish of Thetford, residents are represented on Thetford Town Council by 16 councillors, who are elected from 6 parish wards. These parish wards are shown on the map, and the current councillors for each are listed below. Councillors are elected for a term of four years, with the last full contest being the May 2019 elections. The town councillors are not paid for their work on the council, and do not receive any allowances for expenses. The one exception is the Mayor, who is reimbursed for expenses (e.g. travel costs) incurred while attending events in an official capacity.

If the 2018 Boundary Change Proposals are confirmed, then the land currently in Croxton Parish that lies inside the A11 will become part of Thetford Parish. A new Parish Ward called "Iceni" would then be created to cover this area, supplying two additional town councillors.

Anne Bartholomew Parish Ward

Jenny Hollis (Independent) F
T: 07854 766501

Boudica Parish Ward

Dave Hodgkinson (Labour)
T: 01842 845333

Mark Robinson (Conservative) TF
T: 07864 882768

Position Vacant
Owing to insufficient nominations in this ward.

Burrell Parish Ward

Carla Barreto (Independent) TF
T: 07984 953557

Dennis Crawford (UKIP) F
T: 01842 761577

Chris Harvey (Labour) T
T: 01842 755476

Terry Jermy (Labour) TWF
T: 01842 630851

Castle Parish Ward

Roy Brame (Conservative)
T: 07788 381765

Janice Butler (Independent) F
T: 07443511159

Jane James (Conservative) TF
T: 07747 132739

Stuart Wright (Independent) T
T: 01842 754166

Priory Parish Ward

Mike Brindle (Labour)
T: 01842 753566

Brenda Canham (Independent) F
T: 07798 587826

Mark Taylor (UKIP)
T: 01842 822411

Vicarage Road Parish Ward

Colin Burnett (Conservative)
T: 01842 766059

Makeup of the council by political party:

Thetford residents are also represented by District Councillors and County Councillors.