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Public Toilets in Thetford

Due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the public toilets operated by Thetford Town Council were closed for several months. However, they re-opened on 3rd July 2020.

There are a number of public toilets in Thetford, at the locations shown on the map and listed below. Supermarkets, pubs and cafes will also have toilets, but will probably restrict access to customers.

Cage Lane Toilets ZM
Located on Cage Lane, opposite the Dad's Army Museum. The toilets are owned and maintained by Thetford Town Council.
Bus Interchange Toilets ZM
Located at the north-west corner of the Thetford Bus Interchange. The toilets here are owned and maintained by Norfolk County Council, but day-to-day cleaning by Thetford Town Council.
Castle Park Toilets ZM
Located at the northen edge of Castle Park, just off Castle Street. The toilets here are owned and maintained by Thetford Town Council.
Railway Station Toilets ZM
Toilets are available on both platforms of Thetford Railway Station. The station is owned by Network Rail, but leased to and maintained by Greater Anglia. The Toilets are only open when the station is manned, which is 07:00–13:00 Monday to Saturday.

The Public Toilets in Castle Park, May 2020.

Public toilets also used to be available in Kings House Gardens, but structural issues and abuse by users has led to these toilets being closed.

Any problems with these toilets can be reported to the Town Council using their Report It form.

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