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Thetford Consultations Archive

This pages lists significant planning applications and consultations that have been run previously by local government and other organisations on issues that will affect Thetford and the surrounding area.


Thetford Community Governance Review Stage 3
Consultation by Breckland District Council on proposals to extend the boundary of the Parish of Thetford to include the Kingsfleet Development to the north of the town. The current proposal is to move the boundary only to take in parts of Croxton Parish, and to create a new parish ward to elect two additional town councillors.
As a result of the consultation responses, the Breckland CGR Sub-Committee recommended to Full Council that the proposal be accepted, and the new ward be called "New Saxon". The Council accepted the recommendation with a revised ward name of "Iceni". See the OneThetford CGR page for more background information.
Consultation ran from 20th August and 28th September 2018.
Early Childhood and Family Service — Transforming our Children's Centres
Consultation by Norfolk County Council on the future of their Children's Centres. The Council is proposing to close 46 of the 54 Children's Centres in the County, including the two in Thetford. See also the previous Children's Centres Consultation from January 2018.
As a result of the consultation responses, the proposals were amended slightly to retain a few more Children's centres in areas of particular need — including one in Thetford. The revised proposals were passed at the Children's Services Committee meeting on 22nd January, and will now go to a vote of the Full Council.
Ran from 17th September to 9th November 2018.
Norfolk and Waveney Adult Mental Health Service Review
Consultation by In Good Health (the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) on the development of a 10 year mental health strategy for the area. Members of the public can complete an online survey or book places at one of a three public discussion events.
As a result of the feedback received, a First draft of Norfolk and Waveney adult mental health strategy was produced, for further consultation.
The Consultation ran until Friday 23rd November 2018.
Norfolk County Council 2019/20 Budget Consultations
Consultation by Norfolk County Council on proposed changes to Adult Social Care charging, Norfolk Record Office service reductions, and Council Tax increases.
Ran from 5th November to 23rd December 2018.
Details of outcome.
Breckland Budget consultation 2019/20
Consultation by Breckland District Council on its annual budget and the medium-term financial plan. According to the budget report submitted to Full Council on 21 February 2019, no formal responses were received to this consultation.
Ran from 7th December 2018 to 1st January 2019.
Police Budget 2019/20 Consultation
Consultation by Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner on whether to raise the council tax precept to prevent cuts to services, or consider a greater increase to allow additional investment.
There were 1,172 responses to the consultation, with 1150 expressing a preference over the council tax rises. Of these 1150, 68.5% said they were prepared to pay more, but only 47.7% backed the maximum increase (equivalent to 46p per week or £24 per year on a Band D property). The majority of people preferred a lower increase or no increase at all. With some deceptive statistics in his report, the Police and Crime Commissioner proposed the maximum increase, which was accepted by the Norfolk Police and Crime Panel. Full details.
The consultation ran from 2nd to 30th January 2019. The resulting proposals were considered by the Norfolk Police and Crime Panel on 5th February 2019.
Norfolk and Waveney Adult Mental Health Strategy
Consultation by In Good Health (the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) on their draft 10-year mental health strategy for the area. Members of the public can complete an online survey to provide their feedback.
Ran from 10th December 2018 to 6th February 2019.
Proposed amendment to the Breckland Housing Allocations Policy
Consultation by Breckland District Council on an amendment to it's Housing Allocations Policy in respect of affordable homes facilitated through neighbourhood plans. The proposed amendment would allow local people to be prioritised for such homes.
Ran from 20th February to 12th March 2019.
Revised Consultation on the Main Modifications to the Local Plan
Following an examination of their draft Local Plan by the Planning Inspector, Breckland Council are now consulting on a number of "Main Modifications" they have been asked to make. Breckland was forced to re-run this consultation as they made several errors in the revised version of the plan that was originally presented.
Ran from 30th May to 12th July 2019.
King's House and Gardens
A survey by the GW Staniforth Trust on possible improvements and future use/events in King's House and King's House Gardens.
Castle Park Trim Trail
Consultation by Thetford Town Council on proposed outdoor fitness equipment to be installed in Castle Park.
Thetford Post Office
A consultation by Post Office Ltd on the opening hours, accessibility and services provided at Thetford Post Office from September 2019, as a result of the branch being run as a franchise rather than directly by the Post Office.
Ran from 19th June to 17th July 2019.
Proposal to merge the 5 CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney
The five Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney are considering coming together into one merged Group by April 2020. Members of the public are invited to have their say on the proposals.
The deadline for feedback was 6th September 2019.
Polling Stations Review
A consultation by Breckland District Council on the Returning Officer's proposals for polling station arrangements for future elections, as part of its regular five-year review.
Consultation ran from 1st August to 11th September 2019.
Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care Challenges
Online conversation covering various challenges from In Good Health's Five-Year Plan for the NHS in Norfolk and Waveney. A new challenge will be revealed each week.
Conversation running from 17th July 2019.
Grazing of Castle Park
A consultation by Thetford Town Council on plans to erect fences around the ramparts and hill areas of Castle Park to allow grazing by sheep, goats, etc. as a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive measure to control vegetation.
380 responses were received, and 88% of respondents were in favour of allowing grazing. As a result the Town Council will now conduct a detailed feasibility study of the preferred option. Summary of Responses; Full detail of responses.
Consultation launched 9th September 2019. Responses published 29th November 2019..
Norfolk County Council 2020/21 Budget Consultation
Consultation by Norfolk County Council on its business plan, budget and council tax proposals for the forthcoming financial year.
Ran from 23rd October to 10th December 2019.
Breckland District Council 2020/21 Budget Consultation
Consultation by Breckland District County Council on its business plan, budget and council tax proposals for the forthcoming financial year.
Ran from 29th November to 31st December 2019.
Norfolk Police 2020 Budget Consultation
Consultation by the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner over the police budge for next year. Options are included for the Police component of Council Tax: to have no increase, to increase by 2% roughly in line with inflation, or to increase by more than inflation.
Running from Monday 16 December to Friday 17 January 2020.

Significant Planning Applications

Outline Application for up to 115 Dwellings on Land East of Arlington Way (3PL/2017/0578/O)
Application by Shadwell Estate Company Ltd.
The application was considered at the Breckland Planning Committee Meeting on 1st October 2018 (item 11818i), where it was refused on the grounds of the loss of trees subject to Tree Protection Orders. However, an amendment with a more detailed plan for mitigation of the removed trees was submitted in December 2018. This was rejected again by the Planning Committee in March 2019.
Application to add bollards and access gates around Barnham Cross Common and Melford Common
Under Section 38 of the Commons Act, Thetford Town Council was seeking consent from the Secretary of State for a number of measures to prevent illegal encampments and vehicles accessing the commons.
Due to deficiencies in the original application, the Council was asked to revise it and re-submit. The revised application will be re-advertised and open for comments again later.
Representations could be made made between 24th September to 30th November 2018.
Conversion of Oddfellows Hall into Flats (3PL/2018/0877/F)
Application by South Norfolk Developments Ltd to convert the old Snooker Hall on Earls Street into 7 Flats. Also includes the demolition of a rear extension to the building to enable the construction of two ground-floor flats.
Permission granted on 3rd June 2019.
New three-storey Apartment Building on Thetford Cottage Hospital Site (3PL/2019/0149/O)
Application by Tang and Associates Ltd to demolish the former former Cottage Hospital building on Earls Street, and erect a new three-storey apartment building containing 30 flats on the site.
The application was withdrawn by the applicant on 6th June 2019.
Extension to Premier Inn on Brandon Road
An application by Whitbread Group Plc to construct a new two-storey extension to the hotel to add 28 new rooms, and to reduce the size of the hotel car park.
The application was refused on 15th November 2019, because of insufficient additional car park spaces being available.
Demolition of Former Cottage Hospital and Construction of Nine Terraced Dwellings
Application by South Norfolk Developments to redevelop the site of the former Cottage Hospital on Earls Street.
The Application was considered and permission granted for the development on 18th December 2019.